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Illinois Black Alumni Network
2021-2023 Strategic Plan 

The 2021-2023 Strategic Plan for Illinois Black Alumni Network

The following information sets the priorities for the Illinois Black Alumni Network, an Illini Club of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.  This plan provides the framework and plans for the next 2 years as previously prepared by the 2018 BAN Board’s collaboration and thinking.  


The Illinois Black Alumni Network is currently in its 20th year.  As an organization, we aim to support the experiences of African American Alumni and current students of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As we move forward, the work of the organization will focus on operations, outreach, and fundraising to strengthen our relationships with students, alumni, and campus.


We are alumni of the pre-eminent public research university with a land-grant mission and global impact.  We have earned and achieved our degrees and are leaders in our respective careers.  Our purpose is to enrich the experiences of African American alumni and students as advocates, contributors, and disruptors focused on the success of all.


Provide comprehensive program opportunities (i.e. social, educational, professional, and service) for alumni, students, and faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which foster a stronger relationship between these groups, School, and community.

Guiding Principles

Foster connections with students, alumni, and campus that strengthen the success of all.
Advocate for a greater presence of African American in faculty and student representation.
Celebrate the success of African American alumni.
Promote diversity of thought and representation in programs.
Remain flexible and agile as we execute our goals and objectives.

Strategic Goals

Our efforts will focus on 6 fundamental goals:

  • Goal 1: Membership Recruitment

  • Goal 2: Fundraising

  • Goal 3: Foster Alumni Relations

  • Goal 4: Provide Creative and Innovative Programming

  • Goal 5: Assist in Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Goal 6: Foster Campus Relations

  • Goal 7: Strengthen Internal Operations

Goal 1: Membership Recruitment

The Illinois Black Alumni Network is only as strong as our members.  We understand our role in connecting alumni with the campus and the strength we have in numbers.

Objective 1.1 – Secure 200 paid alumni memberships

Objective 1.2 – Develop membership marketing plan.

Responsible: Membership Committee

Goal 2: Fundraising

Our ability to raise funds to support current students provides a way to funnel students into the organization and maintain continued support of students in need.

Objective 2.1 – Effectively partner with the University of Illinois Black Alumni Network Educational Foundation to provide scholarships to students.

Objective 2.2 – Partner with the University of Illinois Black Alumni Network Educational Foundation to establish an emergency fund to assist students in financial crises.

Responsible: Awards and Scholarship Committee

Goal 3: Foster Alumni Relations

We exist because of our alumni network.  It is advantageous to network with alumni who are entrepreneurs, specialists in their careers, and leading experts to create a circular and reciprocal relationship to ensure all alumni are successful in their endeavors and celebrate their accomplishments.  We aim to emphasize the accomplishments of Black Alumni who have excelled in their field of study, significantly contributed to the community, and break barriers in scholarship, society, and achievements.

Objective 3.1 – Develop a Speaker Series on relevant career development topics

Objective 3.2 – Create a job board to share open positions with business and organizations

Objective 3.3 – Create mentoring opportunities for alumni to share and mentor current young professionals

Objective 3.4 – Partner with BNAACC to create an Alumni Wall of Recognition

Objective 3.5 – Promote, Market, and Celebrate the accomplishments of Black Alumni

Responsible: All

Goal 4: Provide Creative and Innovative Programming

Our programming drives our presence on campus and among alumni and students to remain connected and engaged.  Programs allow us to connect with campus units, affinity groups, and students by creating partnerships and presence on campus.

Objective 4.1 – Provide quarterly programs

Objective 4.2 – Increase alumni presence at Homecoming

Objective 4.3 – Plan the Illinois Black Alumni Reunion every 4-6 years

Responsible: Programming Committee

Goal 5: Assist in Student Recruitment and Retention

As Black Alumni, we can influence the recruitment and retention process by creating and maintaining partnerships with campus units and participating in the process.

Objective 5.1 – Create and build relationships with campus leadership, administration, and units.

Objective 5.2 – Create mentoring opportunities for alumni to share and mentor current students.

Responsible: Student Affairs Committee

Goal 6: Foster Campus Relations

We are an independent organization of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus; yet have a powerful influence as we interact with campus administrative units.  We partner and work with campus to ensure African American alumni and students are successful during their school years and beyond.  

Objective 6.1 – Foster and develop relationships with campus units including but not limited to Alumni Association, Student Affairs, Afro-American Studies, and the UI Foundation.

Responsible: ALL

Goal 7: Strengthen Internal Operations

We seek to become a fully engaged organization that is legally and fiscally responsible stewards.  To this end, our organization will become an effective and efficient organization with sound policy, processes, and procedures as well as professional development for all Board members.

Objective 7.1 – Board Development

Objective 7.2 – Reconstruct Bylaws and Internal Policy and Procedures

Objective 7.3 – Recruit Alumni to Board positions focused on accounting and legal affairs.

Objective 7.4 – Conduct an annual audit

Responsible: Executive and Bylaws Committee

About us

Black Alumni Network is an affiliate organization of the University of Illinois Alumni Association (UIAA).



1212 West Nevada
Urbana, IL 61801

PO Box 492
Park Forest, IL 60466

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